Positive outlook?

In a world with false representations of how your life should be, infatuation of celebrities and a rapid increase of people suffering from mental health issues, it’s hard to live up to these standards imposed against us.
I believe the first step to take is self acceptance. You will need to accept yourself for who you are and understanding that God has created you perfectly in his image. Are you not amazed at the fact that there is no one else quite like you? Appearances and style is nothing but a costume. Accepting yourself deep down, loving your flaws and all the things that make you is the key to self-love. I love how comedians are so comfortable with themselves they can joke about their insecurities and it does not affect them . If you can joke about this, then you have nothing to lose if someone tries to attack you using your flaws and insecurities. (if they do then they are hurting themselves). Obviously, I am not a mind reader and cannot say if these words do affect someone, especially if it does not show. There is no one who is perfect and no matter how put together they look, they are facing their own battles. Instead of pointing the finger, focus on yourself and learn to love the person you are. I cannot stress how important it is to accept yourself and realise no one is the same.

I am a strong believer that you can create your own path, whether it is for the good or bad. The way you approach the problems life throws at you, is key to making yourself happy. Sometimes you will feel the world is against you and your back is up against the wall. I’m not saying you’re wrong to feel that way but it shouldn’t be like that. I believe looking for a silver lining is key to helping you move on to better things. You can’t always be positive about everything and anything. Life has a strange way of bringing you down but you will become stronger and wiser when you face the problems with the right attitude. The key to happiness is your outlook on life, it is how you react to the situation. Yes, you are going through some things and yes, someone might have it worse but you cannot compare yourself either. This goes back to my first point about how everyone is different and you cannot compare yourself. In the Quran, it says that God will not give you problems you cannot handle. This gives me an abundance of hope and offers me with inner peace knowing I can get passed this and better things will come. I am confident that looking for the good situations you are in, will help you move past things you didn’t think you could.

If you feel like there is no way out of it and you can’t find a silver lining, take a deep breath and think back to when you were last happy. Reflect on the good times and understand what the next thing you want to do to make yourself happy. Set yourself goals and understand what you want short term and long term. Once you are happy with this, plan what it is you want and embed it into your daily life. Real life isn’t like the movies, you won’t wake up one day with your life planned to the T, you make your life. I am not saying I have my life sorted and everything is perfect but changing my outlook has changed the state of my happiness for the better. Understanding that you cannot compare yourself to others and believing you can get through the problems life throws at you is what helps me have a positive outlook on life.

I hope this helps anyone who needs some guidance on looking at the upside to things.


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