Instagrammable Places in London

*Instagrammable: a photo or a picture worth posting on Instagram. 

Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed and explore page, I always see bloggers and tourist posting pictures of must-see places in my home city. Places you would think costs fortunes but are not! And Instagrammable if I might add! I understand not everyone has time to do everything in London, neither do I, but I wanted to change this. I decided to make a change to my schedule and dedicate one day of the week to go somewhere new. My plan was to start ticking these places off my to do/to go lists.

If you were to spend a day with me and Hanni, you will most certainly hear us both say, “we only do things for aesthetics“. And to tell you the truth, we do. We go to all these places for the aesthetics, however, I can guarantee you we did have an amazing time! Every week we take turns choosing what we want to do on our Sunday Adventures. We pick a time and place and see where the day takes us, taking our disposable camera and phones with us.  We’ve had so many people have asked us “Wow! Where was that?” and complimenting us with “you’re doing so much” when in fact, we’re simply documenting our weekly adventures of pretty places in London on Instagram. If you’re looking to change up your weekly routines and want to make your Instagram feed look less full of selfies, keep on reading.

We’ve found gorgeous picturesque places, afternoon tea spots, hipster cafes, cute cupcake places, breakfast and brunch places and much more.

Palm Vaults– A cafe in East London, bang in the centre of Hackney. This was one of my favourite spots!  Millennium pink everything… pink marble tables, pink cups and vines green too. The food was actually amazing, I picked up a crushed avocado toast – my new go to food. Definitely hipster and it was around £13 for a smoothie too.

Cafe Miami– Another East London Cafe. The pancakes from here are so Instagrammable! I can’t lie, we didn’t finish our pancakes and only bought it for aesthetics. But it was very, very sweet and super filling. Would recommend if you have a sweet tooth and a big appetite as their portions are very large! Around £10 each.

Godiva (Harrods) – Hanni’s choice. It was gorgeous, but what did you expect? It’s in Harrods. Chic, elegant, excellent service and chocolaty crepes. I picked a less picturesque crêpe but it was scrumptious. Hanni’s ice cream filled crêpe looked amazing! If you’re a fan of chocolate and food in general, dine here! Roughly spent £15 but worth every bite.

Peggy Porchen– This place literally made me so happy. The floral decor and the millennium pink made this place Instagram worthy. I’m not big on desserts (with the exception of the odd macaroons and ice-cream) but this place convinced me to buy one of their renowned cupcakes. The tea and macaroons were lovely, despite being a little pricey for what I did get. Around £17 for a cupcake, some macaroons and peppermint tea. (It was my birthday so treat yo self)

Peggy Porschen

Sketch– OMG that’s all I can say. Everything about this place made me happy. The food for afternoon tea, the scenery, the toilets. Strange, I know, but the toilets are the show stopper here.  Such a surreal place, with the alien pods for toilets, curved mirrors and pink filtered pictures. For the experience and the afternoon tea, it’s super inexpensive (£37 for 3 people).

V&A Museum – If you haven’t already been here, you should go! It’s so beautiful – the art and architecture. Especially if you want to educate yourself or if you like historical art. It’s super pretty if you like taking pictures or want a little adventure. Free entry!

National Gallery– This is the tourist hotspot in Trafalgar Square, which I’m sure a lot of people have been to. If you haven’t, definitely check it out to see historical artwork dating back centuries. Free entry too!

Saachi Gallery After seeing so many pics, this place we had to go. Such a lovely, modern gallery, worth checking out! Instagrammable if you want pictures of the art, yourself or anything else tbh. Free entry too!

Primrose Hill– I’m sure everyone’s heard this one but it’s amazing. Looking down on the London skyline from the hill tops. It is a bit of a walk but so worth it. Go watch the sunset/sunrise and thank me later.

If you like the look of these places, definitely check them out because I highly recommend them all. None of these places are exclusive or anything and they’re open all year round! You don’t even have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to as most of these places are inexpensive/free. A massive shout out to my adventure buddy and partner in crime, Hanni, for being the reason we look so cultured ❤

Check out our Instagram pages to follow our adventures through photos.

Photo creds: Hanni (IG: @249hanni)


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